Jason Coleman and Brady Melin Clinch Second Consecutive Vegas to Reno Championship!
August 28, 2023

Jason Coleman and Brady Melin Clinch Second Consecutive Vegas to Reno Championship!

Back to Back Champs!

500 grueling miles later, Jason Coleman and Brady Melin win “Vegas to Reno” for the second consecutive year! Winning two in a row is no easy task though as the race weekend can always be anything but predictable.


After months of preparation and testing, the first challenge of the Vegas to Reno race weekend was getting through qualifying. The closer you are to the front, the less dust and traffic there is to experience during the race. Unfortunately a curveball was thrown during qualifying for the Eibach x Coleman Motorsports 6100. Jason recalls, “A truck got stuck in front of us during our run and I didn’t realize I could get a re-run so we just took it how the cards landed. That put us in the 5th starting spot.”

Eibach Off Road Spring Installed on Truck
Eibach Off Road Spring Installed on Truck
Team Eibach Coleman Motorsports Truck


Dusty is one of many words to describe race day. With Jason driving and Brady navigating, the duo made their way through the field, by Pit #4 Jason and Brady we’re running 2nd. Jason was so focused he didn’t realize a pass was made, “I don’t know where we passed the other truck but I didn’t care, we were on the move!” Not long after the leader of the race was within striking distance and as they approached, the leader of the race pulled over, handing Jason and Brady the lead of the race.

It all seemed like it was smooth sailing from there, but a medical emergency from a downed motorcycle rider put a pause on the race. This meant the lead Jason had grown dwindled. Jason pitted knowing it’d be the last of his race, while others continued and passed him. After that it was a push to the finish, “Driving in to the dust and the setting sun I pushed as hard as I could to keep it close.” Eventually the leader of the race pitted again while Jason and Brady pushed through. At this point, all that was needed was for Jason and Brady to finish the race. They took the lead and never looked back, “There was no way they were getting back by me. The only trucks left contending would have to pass me and put time on me to win so I just cruised and didn’t make mistakes knowing all I had to do was finish clean and we would win.”

We are proud to call Jason, Brady and the Coleman Motorsports team a part of #TeamEibach. Congratulations to the entire team behind the #6192 6100 Class Truck!

Jason and Brady Podium
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